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I'm a 22yo front-end web developer/designer living in Louisville, Kentucky (a big-ish city in the United States known for horses, KFC and bourbon; and some incredibly delicious food!), currently working with an independent bankruptcy software company giving me an opportunity to use my skills for work, although I'm constantly learning and progressing as well.

front-end web development

All of the fun HTML and CSS and Javascript (that JS part is still a WIP) that builds a website . . .

graphic + web design

. . . and the even more exciting design that makes it come together and pop.

Some of my work


Alongside, and honestly as a result of my interest in web design, I realised that I had the capacity to create a site for one of my passions: alternative history. You might ask what is that? Quite simply put, it's a form of fiction in which I look at a past event and devise how history would change if that event occured differently.

Lilies & Lions is the name of my own alternative history, beginning in 1421 with the death of Charles VI of France and the survival of Henry V who would go on to rule both England and France. To me, it has become an interesting historical study. I've created maps and written hundreds of pages of history that I'm adding online periodically. With a more literary mindset, I've considered writing a novel set later in the timeline.

A few example maps

Ad Infinitum

Sci-fantasy: Take the idea of angels and daemons being real, but not as beings living in Heaven and Hell, rather, as aliens living in the stars. That is the world of Ad Infinitum.

Set in 2445, humanity has stumbled upon the greatest of all conflicts, the war between Caelum and Infernum. A war that humanity had always known about, but never believed to be real. How will a galaxy spanning species react to the knowledge that they've never been truly alone?