Graphic and Logo Design

In this study, I hoped to blend modern style with the stylistically medieval typographic choices of the hardback copy of Redwall that I read as a child. As well, I hoped to apply this to a whole range of theoretical Redwall projects.

Logo Color Variations

A little background: When it was announced that Patrick McHale (creator of the absolutely incredible Over the Garden Wall) would be showrunning an animated Redwall series for Netflix, I'm pretty sure my heart stopped. Could there actually be a better combination?

The world of Redwall is one that I hold very dearly in my heart. I still remember looking through a myriad books in my elementary school library and settling upon Brian Jacques' Redwall for my first 5th grade book report. The world within the pages just came to life, and I ended up reading it three times through over the course of a week. (And I got a perfect score on the AR test!)

Letter Logo Color Variations